Welcome to 2016:

Yes Lisa is designing again! Scheduled for spring release is our twelfth and final Grandma's attic " Prudence" book. Scaring up a good time will be Witch's Alley and some accompanying beauty tips from Witch Hazel P Knutt. Check with your local shop to find out when they will have these new releases.

Can't find a chart in your local shop - You may now purchase patterns directly from Lisa! Simply check the "Details" link on the desired pattern. You may review your purchases through the cart link on the left and we accept Mastercard and Visa through Paypal.

Fevered Dreams of a Mad Woman, one of Lisa's ongoing series is still going well. You will see some favorites and some new items. Most of these are not available from a distributor (Oh well) but we will handle wholesale and retail orders through this site.

For Shop owners:

Please order charts through Hoffman Dist (Click on Lisa Cowell) or through this site. You will find - Punchneedle, Counted Thread & Country Stitching, Wool Applique and Cross-Stitch. We have re-organized the site so the newest patterns are seen first. Watch for more SPECIALS coming for the holiday season

Price Drop on Penny Rugs! , See them here

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